"This song (Fall) is our substitute for the AC this hot August"
Guy Hajaj, New Singles to Listen For, Mouse Magazine
"The record is tight and well made with melodic mainstream rock and pop"
Time Out New York
"The first seconds of Shachar Gilad's Noadnu instantly conjure up the closing credits of a romantic movie drama"
Asaf Nevo, Mako Magazine
“Irresistible originality and close to perfect as on singer/songwriter can practically get”
The Ear
"...Folk-Pop Singer/songwriter - Pop music that uncovers genuine emotion"
Yossi Harsonski Music
"Play it at a party, and your friends will assume it’s an already established rocks star they just haven’t caught on to yet."
Indie Music Magazine
"As far as I'm concerned, I'm crowing him The Next Big Thing in Israeli Music"
Yotam Feled, Haskitsa Plus


Interview in E! Online 'Celebs'
Interview in Yisrael Hayom - Israel's print paper with largest circulation
Extended interview in 'Mako' - Israel's most popular website
"Before anything, go to - it's well worth the effort."
Maya Hoferi, Mouse Magazine
(most recent 2012)
Full Page interview in The Jerusalem Post
“One of most enjoyable and articulate musicians we have ever interviewed”
Hadas Aharon, Galgalatz 91.8 FM (Audio)
In studio interview (Audio)